Our Team


Neha Tikkavarpu

Neha Tikkavarpu has been a part of Empower Sport since the initialisation. Having played tennis on the National circuit herself Neha is currently studying law at Symbiosis Law School, Pune. Inspite of her hectic schedule at college Neha has been a strong support for Empower Sport especially in regards to the legal documentation, including signing up Athletes, drafting contracts between the athletes and corporates etc. Neha has also been an active participant in mentoring athletes, in helping them pick  a career plan and helping players get sponsorships or scholarships as required. Her knowledge about the legal aspects of athlete management has been of tremendous help to Empower Sport.

Gaurav Gunupati

Gaurav Gunupati has not only been a volunteer, but has been a part of initiating and conceptualising Empower Sport in 2015. Having  competed on the International tennis circuit  himself Gaurav has shown tremendous passion for the sport. Travelling and competing on the National circuit from the age of 8 , Gaurav s own experience led him to believe that there is tremendous untapped potential in Indian athletes that is unable to progress due to insufficient funds. 

Gaurav s passion for the sport and his compassion to fellow players made him an integral part of our  Fund raising team. He has been very involved in our Out reach programs and has coached many young aspiring athletes. In addition he  has conducted numerous football and tennis camps and has been coach and mentor to many young athletes.

Currently studying Electrical Engineering in The University of Illinois Urbana Champaign Gaurav still continues to volunteer and stay involved in Empower Sport.

Viraj Vallapa Reddy

Viraj Vallapa Reddy a student of Headstart Educational Academy, Bengaluru showed interest to intern at Empower Sport and help organize events during his 9th and 10th summer breaks. He has been very fond of sports like Chess and Basketball. In 2019 along with other voluteers he helped organise a Chess camp in a Nachiketh Tapovan school to spread awareness about the sport and advocated for Chess to be a part of the curriculum. As Viraj puts it "Chess unlike other individual sports is not about aiming to reach the finish line.  This sport is all about performing a routine with perfection and responding to your opponent’s move at that moment. Having toured, and observed the circuit for several years Viraj strongly feels passionate about promoting chess development, mainly through facilitating learning for underprivileged children.



Tulasi Korwar

Tulasi Korwar, an 18 year old aspiring sports psychologist, currently pursuing BA in Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Hyderabad, studied in Chirac International School where she was elected as the Deputy Sports Captain in 11th grade and the Sports Captain in the 12th grade.
She was a member of the School's Athletic team and has won various Inter-school tennis tournaments. Tulasi has competed on the National Tennis circuit for 6 years.
Growing up with a father who was a professional cricket player and a mother who is a fitness trainer, she has developed an ardent passion for sport. Having been involved in several community service projects, she understands the power of positive and dedicated helping hands in uplifting sport in India. Taking up responsibility of social media for Empower Sport is her first step 
towards contributing through our volunteer program and being an integral part of our support team. Just as how she has inspired her younger brother to pick up the racquet, Tulasi hopes to do the same for all other kids in the country.


Akhil Gadde

Akhil Gadde is a 15 year old studying at Oakridge International School.
He is a basketball player and a current member of the Oakridge International School team. 
Akhil has been integral in leading his school to a number of wins. He has also represented Hyderabad (his City ) in numerous tournaments.Akhil's interest in Sport is not just restricted to Basket Ball but believes that fitness and sport have not only made him stronger but have been integral in building a number of skills including time management, focus and the ability to keep going.He draws inspiration from his own experience and hence takes time  
out regularly to volunteer at Empower Sport. His current area of interest is to re-vamp 
Six-a-side soccer series that Empower Sport has been conducting for several years now.

Jai Gollapudi

Jai Gollapudi is a 10th grader studying in Phoenix Greens International
School.He is a national level tennis player and has many notable wins to his credit. He
is a passionate  about all sports and enjoys playing football as well. 
He is enthusiastic about making a difference in the sporting arena and hence has been volunteering with Empower Sport for over 2 years. 
Jai feels very positive about how sports can affect an individuals personality and is keen on encouraging upcoming Sports persons. He has shown vibrant leadership skills and has been integral in helping Empower Sport conduct varies events.


Jaishnav Allapureddy

Jaishnav Allapureddy is a 16 year old senior high school student from Oakridge international school. He has been a key volunteer in the Outreach program since it’s inception. He has trained and played alongside the Nachiketan team and has organised several football tournaments. Jaishnav is an avid sportsperson, winning several medals in various sports disciplines over the years. He has also been a part of the Ranga Reddy District Football team which went on to become the champions in the inter-Distrct tournament. He continues to be an integral part of the school’s sports team.