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Our panel of experts including coaches, fitness experts and other successful athletes handpicks every single athlete, supported by Empower Sport. Athletic sponsorships are awarded only after undergoing a stringent selection process. We take into consideration not only the current ranking and present performance of a player but also deeper parameters such as attitude, mental toughness, focus and passion for the sport. Our panel constantly interacts with the families, coaches and trainers of junior level players to help us get an in depth overall assessment.


Amineni Shivani

Empower sport has been  a solid support system to me throughout. Some of my achievements include being the Junior  National champion and representing India in the Fed cup. Empower sport has  guided and counselled me in getting admitted into one of the most prestigious universities, Columbia university . They helped me gain admission into Columbia with 80%  financial aid


Khaleel Khan

Khaleel started working at HGA ( a premium golf club in Hyderabad ) at the very young age of 12. He picked up the game by watching club golfers and videos online. He started to caddie at the club and learnt fast . He not only attained a low handicap but progressed very quickly to being a scratch player.  He is 23 years old and has won the HGA yearly Caddies' tournament 7 times . He is a very talented golfer and is committed to playing professional golf . 


Sanjith Devineni

The process of talking to colleges and connecting with them is very tough in many situations and for many people including myself. Thankfully, Empower Sport was able to help me get in touch with many coaches and supported me throughout the process. I am very thankful for all they have helped me with, especially Hitha Ma’am, Naveen and Narendernath Sir.


Ananya Kothakota

The recruiting process can be quite stressful for many, and I personally began my process later than most. However, thanks to the incredible support and guidance from Empower Sport, the entire process became smoother. They helped me find the right fit to play at a D1 college and secure a full ride scholarship. I am very thankful for Hitha ma’am, Narendernath sir, and Naveen for their unwavering support throughout the entire journey.


Tarun Nath

"At the age of 17 I held a career high of 296 on the ITF Circuit. I was undecided as to where the Pro tennis path would lead me. Empower Sport not only counselled me but helped place me in the University of Southern Mississippi in the US. Here i was able to pursue an undergrad program of my choice and play tennis at a high level. Even though I have not gone on to playing professional tennis I am happy to have graduated with honours degree in finance and management. I currently work at AND Real Estate in New York. I am thankful to Empower Sport for helping me find the most suitable career option for me."


Rishab Agarwal

After having won the title of National Champion and attaining the position - the Top Ranked Junior player in the country, the obvious question was, “What next?”. Empower Sport guided and counselled me into acquiring a place in one of America's Top Ranked Tennis programs at the University of Mississippi. Alongside completing my degree  I am pursing my dream of turning Pro.



Sai Dedeepya hails from the district of Kurnool. She picked up the sport despite a huge lack of infrastructure in her hometown. Her passion for the sport was so evident that her family took a decision to move to Hyderabad in search of better facilities. Based in Hyderabad, she very soon reached the No. 1 position in the country in the under-12 category. She has continued to progress and currently holds a rank of No. 4 in the under-14 category. She has been a finalist in a total of 53 tournaments and has won 33 titles in all.

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Shyam Sundar

I have had a high passion for playing Tennis and have aspired to make it to the top. However, I faced very little success in my junior days, despite the potential I showed and all the hard work I invested in the sport. Not being ready for the pro circuit, I knew that college tennis in the USA was the next best step for me and I turned to Empower Sport. The counsellors guided me through each  step and made the whole process so much easier. I ended up getting an offer to play for NCAA Division 1 tennis for Niagara University, and this opportunity has provided me with an excellent platform to pursue studies and tennis at a high level. I could not thank Empower Sports enough for giving me this opportunity!


Mahitha Dadireddy

I was not aware of the NCCA circuit and the level of collegiate tennis in the US till I met a counsellor from Empower Sport. They guided me and drew out a plan to for me to continue my dream of playing Pro Tennis.



Sivadeep is an immensely talented tennis player. The lack of infrastructure and good coaching facilities in the city of Vishakapatnam has not deterred Sivadeep one bit. The natural ability and skill with which he plays his game have kept him consistently in the top 10 leagues for the past 6 years. In spite of some very good wins over some of India s top players, Sivadeep has not been able to scale even higher due to insufficient funding as he has been unable to travel to take part in tournaments. But each time that Sivadeep has participated he has produced some very impressive results. His formidable line of achievements this year includes being the Title Winner at the National series (Pune), at the Superseries (Chennai) as well as the Championship Series (Bengaluru). He was the semi-finalist at the Delhi Nationals last year and currently holds a rank of 9 in the under 16 boys category.

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Sanjana Sirimalla is from Hyderabad and trains at Sunjay Tennis Academy. She currently holds the No 1 rank in the girls (Under 14) category. Sanjana is ranked No 4 in the Asian Circuit.

Sanjana has represented India numerous times including the Asia Oceana Division 1 Competition held at Thailand – May 2018, Road to Wimbledon in London.


Sahil Chennadi

I have been passionate about playing tennis from a very early age and kept increasing over the years. But in my 10th grade as I entered the under 18 ITF tennis circuit, it was hard to balance my education and tennis in India. Eventually, I came to know about Empower Sport and sought for their professional guidance. I am thankful for their continuous support. Through their help, I was able get an admission into New Mexico State University which is one of the top universities. I am happy that I took a decision along with Empower Sport to pursue my education and tennis at a higher level. I thank Empower Sport especially Hitha and Naveen heart fully.



Adithi Are, a 15-year-old national level Tennis player from Worldone School, Hyderabad is ranked No 10 in the Girls U-16 and 36 in U-18 in AITA (All India Tennis Association) . She is a highly motivated player with a touch of class. Trained by Mr. Vasudeva Reddy and Narender Nath, she has shown consistent improvement over the years. She won 14 titles at the National Level and has been  Runner-Up in 8 tournaments. She was Semi-finalist in U-14 Nationals and stood in fourth place in U-21 doubles category in Khelo India Youth Games 2019. Currently training at the Vijay Tennis Academy, Hyderabad, she aims to go abroad and pursue her career. We at Empower Sport are looking for sponsors who can aid our young and promising athlete.


Vineetha Mummaddi

  I would like to heart fully thank Empower sport  for helping and guiding me to get into a good college and pursue my career. They helped me figure out the best options I have to go on with my college tennis career. The Organisation guided me to choose the best fit college for me.

I would like to thank the efforts of the foundation for helping me out with the selection and admission process. Finally I would like to thank Hitha ma’am, Narendranath sir,
 and Naveen sir for their constant efforts in helping me find the best fit and for motivating me all long.



Bhakti Shah, a 15-year-old national level tennis player from Rosary Convent High School, Hyderabad is now ranked number 1 under girls under 16 singles, AITA (All India Tennis Association) and number 7 under girls under 18. She’s been a quarterfinalist in several ITF (International Tennis Federation) Junior tournaments and a consistent achiever in National Series tournaments as well. Currently training in the School of Power Tennis in Secunderabad, she aims to go abroad and pursue her career. We at Empower Sport are looking for sponsors who can aid our young and promising athlete.


Reshma Challarapu

Empower Sport is a great consultancy for players who have chosen the College tennis route. The counsellors were unbelievably helpful to me. When I approached them I had very little knowledge about my options. I really appreciate their way of guiding me throughout and finally helping me secure admission into a solid college that turned out to be the perfect fit for me. This has helped me climb a step closer to my goal. I would especially like to thank Hitha Mam and Naveen sir who aided me through the entire admission process.


Aayush Bhat

College recruitments are always stressful, and my journey was no different. College tennis was an obvious route for me for many reasons, but the number of colleges out there makes it very tough for an individual to make a decision. This is where Empower sport helped me a lot. They guided me to choosing Temple, which was a great fit for me academically and athletically. I would like to thank Hitha ma’am and Narender Nath sir for their constant support throughout my recruiting journey.

Success Stories

Shivani was the National Champion Girls U16 and U18. She has also been the under-14 National Champion. Shivani holds a Rank of No 1 in India. She has played for  India in the  Junior Fed cup member , has represented India in the World Junior Tennis Championship that qualified for the world group. Shivani holds a rank of 353 on the Junior ITF circuit. Amineni Shivani is coached by Praveen Bharghav, Vasudeva Reddy and Narender Nath.

Shivani nows studies in a prestigious Ivy League -  Columbia University and plays on the NCCA circuit for Columbia.
 Adil  is a former No 1 player on the Indian Junior Circuit. He has transitioned into the Pro circuit quite easily.  He is currently playing on the Pro Circuit and has very recently broken into the Top 1000. A huge accomplishment  for a player aged 18. Adil has been chosen to represent India in the Mens Davis Cup member.
Adil is coached by Vishaal Uppal and was recently selected for the Pro- Athlete program at the Nadal Tennis Academy in Spain. He currently trains in Spain.

Currently ranked 15 on the women's circuit , Vrushali has held a consistent rank of No 1 in the under-15, under-17 and under-19 Categories. She holds the current title of National Champion in the Girls under-19 category.

Vrushali started to play early in Hyderabad and trains at the PULLELA GOPICHAND BADMINTON ACADAMY. She has been a team member of the Awade Warriors (Lucknow ) at the recently held Premier Badminton League (PBL)

Tanisha Kashap is Ranked No 1 on the Indian National (All India Tennis Association) in the Girls under 16 Category and holds a Rank of 6 in the Girls (Under 18 Category) Tanisha is representing India in the Fed cup. Tanisha has held an ITF ( International Tennis Federation ) rank of  262 in the world. She is also the reigning National Champion and has won both the  Mumbai Nationals as well as the Fenesta Nationals (held in Delhi ). Seeing her impressive performances Dodla Dairy Ltd has stepped forward to sponsor Tanisha. Wishing Tanisha the very best for continued success in Tennis.

Sacchitt Sharma (National Champion , Ranked No 1, Boys under 18) has not only been consistently producing impressive results on the Indian National circuit but has been shining on the International Circuit. He has recently broken into the Top 100 in the world Junior Circuit. He holds a rank of of 95 on the ITF circuit (International Tennis Federation ), the highest held rank currently. He has emerged victorious and bagged the Winner Title in a number of International tournaments including The Nan Yang Cup International Junior Championship and the ITF Grade 4 held in Hyderabad. It is no surprise that Dodla Dairy Ltd has been keen to sponsor this immensely talented player.