College Counselling

Empowersport provides its counseling and scholarship programs. Here the children are guided and counseled into getting athletic scholarships to get into colleges in India and abroad. This helps them to continue with their education along with their passion for sports.




  • National Champion Girls U16 and U18
  • Former national Champion (Juniors)
  • Represented India in the World Junior Tennis Championship that qualified for the World Group.

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We wish Shivani all the bests for her future.



"At the age of 17 I held a career high of 296 on the ITF Circuit. I was undecided as to where the Pro tennis path would lead me. Empower Sport not only counselled me but helped place me in the University of Southern Mississippi in the US. Here i was able to pursue an undergrad program of my choice and play tennis at a high level. Even though I have not gone on to playing professional tennis I am happy to have graduated with honours degree in finance and management. I currently work at AND Real Estate in New York. I am thankful to Empower Sport for helping me find the most suitable career option for me."

We wish tarun great success in his career.



After having won the title of National Champion and attaining the position - the Top Ranked Junior player in the country, the obvious question was, “What next?”. Empower Sport guided and counselled me into acquiring a place in one of America's Top Ranked Tennis programs at the University of Mississippi. Alongside finishing my degree my dream of turning Pro continues...

Rishab currently plays on the Pro Circuit.

Wishing Rishab the very best for continued success in Tennis.



Ever since I was a kid, I have had a high passion for playing Tennis and have aspired to make it to the top. However, I faced very little success in my junior days, despite the potential I showed and all the hard work I invested in the sport. Not being ready for the pro circuit, I knew that college tennis in the USA was the next best step for me and I turned to Empower Sports for help.

Empower Sports guided me through each and every step and made the whole process so much easier. I ended up getting an offer to play for NCAA Division 1 tennis for Niagara University, and this opportunity has provided me with an excellent platform to pursue studies and tennis at a high level. I could not thank Empower Sports enough for giving me this opportunity!



I was not aware of the NCCA circuit and the level of collegiate tennis in the US till I met a counsellor from Empower Sport. They guided me and drew out a plan to for me to continue my dream of playing Pro Tennis.

Mahitha trains and plays at the University of Tulsa on a Tennis scholarship, and we wish her all the best for her future.