It all starts at a very tender age. An individual's love for a game becomes his dream. The irrepressible talent, unstinting hard work and single-minded commitment transforms sport into the main focus of his life.

The whole-hearted support of coaches, a rigorous physical fitness program, morale boosting counseling and mentoring sessions and sacrifices made by parents and family can only get take these young potentials to one stage.

Beyond that, the road gets tougher and more intense. That's where we call for to assist us in our efforts to help them reach the finish line. Your support could not only be the reason for an individual to realize his/her dream but could very well be the reason for the entire nation to rejoice!


Behind every successful athlete is a very strong support structure. A champion is made only when the right talent gets the correct support at the apt time.

Our mission therefore is to identify and empower promising young athletes to realize their full potential and scale up to the international level by helping them overcome various roadblocks. We aspire to provide them with the needed financial support besides emotional and resource support by equipping our prodigies with top notch knowledge, skill sets and access to top-of-the-line facilities alongside concrete plans that will prove to be game-changers.

Registered as an independent, professionally run organization founded on the belief that sport is a medium that keeps the unity, energy and morale of a nation running high, we focus on giving impetus to Indian sport. Our athletes' achievements and their personal development keep us motivated and reassure us that our efforts are not only meaningful, but essential.

We welcome you to join our modest effort to transform Indian sport. Come, join the revolution to build a strong sporting culture in our country. Empower Indian sport!