With more and more business houses becoming increasingly conscious of their social responsibility to communities, we at Empower Sport are happy to provide corporates with a meaningful platform to make a contribution.

Sport has always been regarded as a very influential channel, reaching and engaging with people from across the entire social and demographic spectrum. Sport is an effective medium that adds value to the sponsor because it boasts values such as team spirit, fair play, opportunities for all to succeed, as well as good community relations. All the qualities that any socially responsible business should be striving for.

Empower Sport offers you an opening to help build young sportspersons who are pushing the frontiers of physical and mental endurance to scale lofty heights in their respective sport. A lot of budding sporting talent goes to seed simply because they do not have the Financial, social or resource support that will help them sprint to the finish line. Correct the gaps in the system. Become a part of that support network that nurtures deserving sports talent. Be a change agent who impacts young people's lives by facilitating equal opportunity for all. Foster young protgs who embrace values like team spirit and fair play.

Your support could translate a needy child's dream into reality. You could be the reason that a young hopeful is able to go for Gold at the next Olympics or grab that prestigious championship. You could be responsible for our whole nation breaking into applause as one of our very own reaches the highest pinnacle of sporting glory. Come join us in our effort to craft sports icons who will do our country proud!




Dodla Dairy Limited a public limited company was established in Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh in the year 1998. The company was started with the intent to support the marginal farmer community by bridging the gap between the milk producer and the consumer through an effective cold chain management. The idea has been implemented with great commitment by extending vetinary support, farmer awareness programs and excellent infrastructure for the past one and half decade. The company has gained the competitive advantage over the other players by delivering the highest quality dairy products. The company offers a wide range of milk and dairy products. All the products are conveniently packed in different pack sizes and types to suit various needs of consumers.

The company has grown multifold rapidly and has become a very popular dairy company in India. It is very quickly inching towards the directors vision is to be a world class dairy company by providing high quality products and services.

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Aster Minds Enterprise Solutions Pvt Ltd (AMES) is a Human Resource & IT Solution Provider that is committed to providing customer-centric services. The core objective behind Aster Minds’ success is nurturing new talent, latest technologies and industry best practices, to provide most efficient, effective and easy to maintain software solutions to their clients.

Aster Minds was started by two software experts who in their past have been most successful for their ability to handle technology advances and implementation. Aster Minds has been operational from the year 2009 and has ever since left no stone unturned in meeting the expectations of its clients.

Their mission is to identify and empower human resources and enable achieving professional and personal goals with all the necessary inputs. The vision of Aster Minds is to grow to become an important Indian player in IT consulting and software development with customer-centric focus and expand its area of operation to grab the opportunities available

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Annapurna International School of Film + Media is the country’s finest film and media institutes, that strives to be the best in the world. The school boasts of the biggest names in the business, as teachers and academic advisors. They provide students with a highly interactive, hands-on and global approach to education. Located in the heart of India – Hyderabad - AISFM is the first school in the country to offer Bachelors and Masters degrees in filmmaking, media, mass communication and an MMBA. It’s the first media school in the world to be integrated into a major film studio.

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